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Regional Travel Teams

Age Group

Ages 10-18



The following regional teams are expected to be fielded this year:


15R-1, 15R-2, 15R-3
14R-1, 14R-2, 14R-3
13R-1, 13R-2, 13R-3
12R-1, 12R-2
11-1, 11-2




[email protected]


14 & Under: Tryouts begin in October with the regional team season beginning in November.


15s-18s: Tryouts begin in late July with the regional team season beginning in December.


The regional team season concludes anywhere between the end of May through the middle of June, depending on the team’s age division.


There are typically 8 to 10 practices per full month.


The Regional Team program is a lower cost travel program that provides strong coaching and competition against clubs playing in the Southern California region. Regional travel teams may also be ideal for athletes that have time conflicts with the longer Elite Team season.


Regional Teams compete in the regional event schedule only. An SCVA schedule can be found at by clicking on Juniors/Girls/Schedule.

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