Summer Camps / Girls Sand Sessions

Girls Sand Sessions


Age Group

Girls | Grades 7-10

Come prepared to get sandy and improve your technical skills on the beach while deepening your love for the sport. Players will be grouped by skill level and participate in a variety of training drills and games. Each session will be led by current beach professionals who are the club’s top instructors and will deliver a dose of fun at each training. Players will leave feeling more confident out on the sand. Sand volleyball is a great complement to indoor training and many strong all around indoor players often times have further developed their skills by playing in the sand.




[email protected]


COAST Volleyball

11526 Sorrento Valley Rd, Ste N

San Diego, CA 92121




Monday - Thursday



Camp 1: June 6-9

Camp 2: June 13-16

Camp 3: June 20-23

Camp 4: June 27-30

Camp 5: July 5-8

Camp 6: July 11-14

Camp 7: July 18-20*


Camp 8: July 25-28

Camp 9: August 1-4

Camp 10: August 8-11


Please bring water, socks, towel, sunglasses/hat and sunscreen.

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