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Club volleyball can be a journey that spans many years. Often the junior volleyball experience culminates in an offer to continue one’s playing career in college. COAST has placed over 420 in collegiate programs and not only do we prepare players with the skills to succeed at the next level but also provide guidance to families embarking on the college recruitment journey.

As a member of COAST, there are valuable resources at your disposal to assist in the recruitment process.


How did playing club prepare you for being a collegiate athlete?

I didn’t realize this until getting to college, but club provides such a great platform for learning how to balance school, friends, and athletics—the biggest key to surviving college. Club takes up a LOT of time and maintaining school and non-volleyball friends outside of that schedule throughout my club years helped me adjust to college so well.

Best advice having gone through recruitment?

Be patient and remember that your coaches are there to help!! Ask for help because your coaches (even if you don’t think so) know you and know a lot about other volleyball programs—it’s not their first rodeo. I know personally my club and high school coaches were tremendously helpful in not just the process, but also reminding me to stay patient as I alluded to before. Also, it’s extremely difficult to think about this in the moment but try and get perspective. Enjoy the process as best you can because once you’re done, you’re done.

Favorite part of being a collegiate athlete?

MY TEAM. I cannot imagine going to college without a team, and not having met the girls I know today. Likewise, being a collegiate athlete provides an incredible outlet from the rest of school. In other words, if I’m having a bad day, I know I can look forward to getting into the gym and forgetting about all the outside stuff!



in-house college placement staff

We provide in-house recruiting staff who are available to provide guidance to players and families. The COAST staff will assist in navigating areas such as:

  • Overall recruiting landscape
  • Informational resources
  • Successful targeting strategies
  • Value assessment of 3rd party recruiting services
  • Advice on software and other tools (i.e. Hudl, University Athlete, etc.)
  • Communicate on behalf of the athlete when appropriate or necessary
  • Managing one’s recruiting profile

COAST College Placement Contacts:

Ozhan Bahrambeygui

Executive Director

Justin Conde

College Placement Coordinator

All college placement inquiries should be directed to [email protected]

college placement seminar

Every February COAST offers a comprehensive college placement workshop free of charge. The information rich workshop offers insight into the overall recruitment process, provides tips and advice and helps shape realistic expectations for players and parents with collegiate volleyball ambitions. The workshop is led by Executive Director, Ozhan Bahrambeygui, and combines his 20+ years of club directing expertise with his past experience as a Division I recruiter.

It is geared towards parents with players in the 9th-12th grade.