Over 30,000 square feet under one roof


COAST Volleyball’s facility, at over 30,000 square feet, is the largest volleyball-only facility under one roof in San Diego. It houses seven indoor volleyball courts and three outdoor sand courts and is home to over 50 club teams and a wide variety of training programs. Players can schedule private lessons with coaches and utilize a wide array of training devices and equipment.


State of The Art Technology


The facility has state of the art video and digital technology that allows players to receive real-time feedback. Player movement is recorded and instantly played back on a flat screen television for the player to review their technique. This feedback loop helps to accelerate the motor learning process in athletes of all abilities and replicates best practices utilized within the USA National Team program.


Quality Family Amenities 


Our lobby provides comfortable couches, wireless internet and charging stations that allow parents to both relax and remain productive, if desired. The lobby provides a separate, noise-protected space while still allowing spectators to view many of the practice courts.


Families spend a lot of time on-site over the course of a season and come to view COAST as their home away from home.